About Us

Dr. Jerry Greib, DO

Dr. Greib, Medical Director, has been practicing medicine since 1999. While treating trauma patients in the emergency room, Dr. Greib developed an intense interest and great skills in the repair of facial injuries, treatments for wound healing and preservation of aesthetics and cosmetic outcome.

As the Medical Director of VIXEN Aesthetics, Dr. Greib is committed to our team approach to patient/client satisfaction, overseeing all medical treatments and procedures. Receiving extensive training around the country in facial aesthetics, Dr. Greib’s passion for the art of injecting Botox and facial fillers makes him desired by both his patients and colleagues alike.

Leann Griffin, RN & CEO

Leann Griffin, RN & CEOLeann has been a registered nurse since 1992 and has worked in all areas of critical care. While taking care of high-percentage burn patients in the burn ICU, Leann developed her passion for the rejuvenation of skin and the healing of damaged tissue.

Growing up in Southern California, Leann was intrigued by the obsession with youth and beauty. This intrigue into finding the fountain of youth, as well as an intense passion for the rejuvenation of damaged skin, brings to Vixen’s clients a balance they appreciate and results they love. As the CEO of VIXEN Aesthetics, Leann oversees the training of all employees and maintains instructor-level proficiencies in all services offered by VIXEN. Leann specializes in the fine art and science of Botox and facial filler placement as well as Sclerotherpy.