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Celebrate Your Fight Against Aging

Whether it is hidden or flaunted, it is our pleasure to help bring out or improve the VIXEN within you!

Our medical practice was built on the premise of the way medicine used to be; when PEOPLE came first. We unconditionally educate all and appreciate the ever-changing human condition.


Vixen AestheticsOur goal, once a state of healthy rejuvenation is achieved, is to educate clients on how to manage their own anti-aging needs. Encouraging patient-directed treatments leads to longevity (successful, lasting results) and personal satisfaction. Vixen Aesthetics offers an affordable solution to anti-aging and aesthetic needs in an extraordinarily high-cost industry. We are a Physician and RN-based team with advanced training in the arts of injecting: Botox, Facial Fillers, Sclerotherapy, Mesotherapy and the FIRST to introduce to the Midwest: Carboxytherapy. We also offer a wide variety of light to medium-depth Chemical Peels.

As skin-care specialists, we are eager to assist and advise you in your at-home regimen. Daily skin care is essential to preserve and maintain the beautiful improvements VIXEN will help you achieve!

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